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Component Body

2011 NTEA Editors Choice Award Winning Body:
Impressed by the Component Body’s flexibility and versatility, a panel of trade media editors and fleet managers selected it as the most innovative product introduced at the Show, which was held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. The Component Body is sold as a service body that upfitters can assemble in different configurations to meet a customer’s specific needs. The Component Body is available in galvanneal, aluminum or stainless steel, with a powder-coat finish. 

Component Body Design

The Component Body concept was developed by Dakota Bodies to solve many industry issues in one cost efficient product. 

Simple Customization:

By ordering a component body you're able to customize various parts of the body while maintaining a standard price point. Choose from an "H" or "V" configuration, flip or standard tops and even pick a bumper style plus a few other options to make this standard body right for you.

Simple Repair:

The modular designs also allow for quick and easy repair of individual components. If a side pack is wrecked, you can replace it within a few hours by simply un-bolting the old one and replacing it with a new one. 

Material Options:

The CB body is available in Aluminum, Galvanneal and Stainless Steel making it the most versitile product in the market for light and medium duty service bodies.

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Specs & Configurations

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Standard Accessories

Slide-Out Drawers

Slide-Out Drawers are available in 1,2 or 3 drawer sections with capacities to individually locate on unistrut.

Adjustable Divider Shelves

All of our Adjustable Divider Shelves come standard with two adjustable dividers per shelf. Which can be positioned every two inches. Each shelf is infinitely adjustable up or down on unistrut..

Adjustable Hook Rail

The Adjustable Hook Rail is a two hook system which can be placed in any vertical compartment. The carriage bolts pivot and lock at 45 degrees to maximize storage area.

Small Parts Friction Drawer Set

Small Part Friction Drawers maximize storage and organization for your service body compartments. Each drawer comes standard with three dividers

E-Lock Door Lock System

E-Lock latches allow you to lock and un-lock all of the compartment doors simultaneously or individually with a key. 


Bolt-on fliptop compartments provide additional small parts storage to help utilize all of the sidepack capacity. A stylish 8 gauge aluminum tread-brite top and 16 gauge galvanized adjustable dividers come standard. Fliptops can be easily installed with no drilling required.

Headache Rack

The punched aluminum headache rack features a diamond punched pattern which provides superior visibility. The rack features a bolt-on design allowing you to add it to Component body.

HD Material Rack

The Heavy Duty Material Rack is adjustable for the 98" and 110" service bodies. Requiring a separate kit for the 133" service bodies. 

Angled Ladder Rack

The Angled Ladder Rack features the ultimate adjustability by fitting 98" -133" body lengths.

HD Ladder Rack

The Heavy Duty Ladder Rack is available for all Component Body configurations.

LD Ladder Rack

The Light Duty Ladder Rack is available for all Component Body configurations.

Uni-Strut Bed Area System

The uni-strut bed area system is a bolt on option that allows adjustability of various tie-down and accessory options for the full length of the body.


Side Mounted Bed Area Tiedown

These powder coated, bolt-on steel loops work well with both bungee cords and nylon straps to easily secure your cargo. Each body comes standard with four . 

D-Ring Bed Area Tie Down

Bolt-on zinc plated steel tie-downs install in the cargo area floor and have a maximum working load of 400lbs.

E-Track Bed Area Tie Down System

The E-track bed area system is a bolt on option that allows adjustability of various tie-down and accessory options for the full length of the body.

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