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Aluminum Advantages

While Aluminum is really starting to make a major appearance in the truck industry; Dakota Bodies has been providing aluminum options in the work truck industry for over a decade. Their aluminum design, construction and selection is among the best in the industry. They don't just stop at Aluminum service bodies. They branch into other areas of the work truck industry and utilize all of the aluminum advantages.

  1. 30% Less Weight​
  2. Corrosion Resistant
  3. ​10-Year Limited Warranty

Aluminum Service Bodies

By going to aluminum in the service body models you are able to instantly increase your payload of your work truck while maintaining the strength you need to outlast your competitors' bodies allowing you to worry about your job and not your equipment.

Enclosed Aluminum Bodies

Enclosed aluminum bodies are becoming a major asset in the telecom industry by providing solid, light-weight solutions to that protect employees and equipment from the elements. Check out our Aluminum Cutaway Body for Fords E-series Cutaways.

Custom Configurations

Dakota Bodies can build you a basic standard body for you to get your hands on quickly and get working. However, in a similar time frame they can provide you with a fully customized body configuration to meet your unique day to day needs.