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The Custom Advantage

Can't, wont and never are words you will hear when you shop around for a truck body. At Dakota Bodies these words are rarely used as we thrive on what our competitors avoid when it comes to custom accessories and bodies. We have worked in the field and we know what a custom configured body can do for your work load, efficiencies and abilities as a tradesman. 

Every custom body is designed in 3D which allows us to help you avoid many complications and restrictions prior to installation. Whether you have all of the information or only some of it we can help design and configure your next truck body the way you need it.

Custom Design

Custom Bodies at a Standard Price

We understand cost is an important factor in your buying process which is why we encourage you to request a quote, they're free. We think you will be surpised that what you want can easily be afforadable without settling on a standard.

Custom Configurations

With our experience and manufacturing capabilites we can design and build custom boxes, racks, verticals, horizontals, frames and tailshelfs to make your body as functional as possible to assist in your job.